The Global pandemic has made Covid-19 Test a pre-requisite for all international travels.
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About Us

Who we are

TRPPN is a leading Travel Agency that helps leisure, private, corporate and government travelers search, compare and book the best flight, hotel, car hire, holiday packages, and activities all in one place.
Our focus is on affordable travel, simplifying the travel booking experience for our clients, ensuring that our customers can settle quickly and safely online with their preferred payment method.
We also offer the ‘traditional’ way of transacting with one of our experienced agents for a one-on-one consultation ensuring that your tailor-made vacation or business trip is done to perfection

Our Vision

To be the one-stop preferred travel shop for leisure, private, corporate and government travelers

Our Mission

To constantly provide cheap, affordable, exciting travel services, and leveraging on the technological capabilities of our platform to make our customer’s journey seamlessly memorable

What we believe

With our freedom being limited due to the Covid19 pandemic, we had never realized just how precious this is; being able to walk the streets of London, visit the Louvre, and gaze at beautiful Venice are all in our grasp again. Let us assist you with exploring new cultures and exotic locations or meet up with your family and friends again. We believe that the freedom to move is precious to everyone and we can guide you to experience this once again. Our ethos is to put people at the heart of everything we do, be it big groups or small, corporate or leisure – we will ensure that our customers get the benefit from their experience with us and our partners by constantly providing them with the best deals.

  • Customer First: We believe our business is in existence because of our valued customers, therefore each customer is a priority to us.
  • Service is Key: We make every opportunity to serve a client count, and we do not compromise on quality of service.
  • Technology Trends: Due to constant evolution of the technological advancement, today’s solution could be obsolete tomorrow, hence, we believe in staying current with innovations to enhance our customer’s experience.
  • Conscious of our environment: The sanctity of our environment is vitally important for the human and earth survival; we embrace environmentally friendly systems and processes in our service delivery.

    A culture of caring

    We work in partnership with loads of hand-picked suppliers and trusted travel providers around the world to ensure our customers receive the highest possible levels of protection, care, support and service whenever they travel with us.

    Our Story

    TRPPN was founded in 2019 with a desire to provide our clients with the best travel experiences possible, and to create inspiring itineraries for people who have a passion for travel.
    We’ve been privileged to serve numerous fulfilled customers since we started and TRPPN was recently appointed as one of the preferred Travel Agencies for a leading financial institution.